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Corporate Governance

Wayone Living believes that trust is key for sustainability of any business. As a part of the Wayone Group, wayone Living has a very strong philosophy of corporate and self governance. We believe that we have great duty towards all our stakeholders – employees, customers and vendors to business partners, authorities, and the community at large. Wayone Group is committed to ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are best served with true spirit of prudent, rationale and ethical business practices.

As a part of Wayone Group, Wayone Living has strong policy, process, systems oriented culture and practices, which collectively cover various aspects of governance. Wayone Group is also committed to follow appropriate due diligence, compliance and risk management practices in all its activities. It is committed to provide its customers with the highest feasible quality of services. The customers are requested to raise any complaint or grievance through the right channels communicated for quick resolution.

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